Coming from a public institution, we are often limited in terms of resources within the school. However, there is Google. But with Google having abundance of resources, it is often hard to filter out what is right for us. We wanted to solve this problem.

What it does:

The user inputs their interests and experiences they have within the field. Based on that, we will filter out some online resources like online courses, early insight programs and internships based on the user's interest. These resources are shared within our blockchain for users - students, employers - anyone interested - to share among the community. Moreover, they will have the ability to rate the resources within the community for better and more accurate & personalized curated resources.

How we built it:

We used IBM Hyperledger Fabric for the Blockchain. And Node.js for backend, React.js for front end, AWS for hosting and MLab MongoDB for user information.

Challenges we ran into:

Time constraints - We spent quite some time on coming and refining the idea, which took away time from actually b building out the product.

Accomplishments that we're proud of:

We started working on the project with minimal knowledge of technologies used in the application. So, we are pretty excited to present what we created.

What we learned:

Blockchain technology (Hyperledger,) Design Skills (Sketch App,) Radium - a Node.js Library for Managing and line styling React.js.

What's next for R^3:

We want to add the other features: -> Create a 4-5 Year plan based the user's major and interest - incorporating potential internships and programs they can partake in while in college. This will help the user professionally and prepare them for jobs. -> We would like to make the Blockchain publicly available to companies in order to increase the amount of resources available within it.

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