As high school students, we've seen plenty of kids go down the wrong path and take drugs. To combat this issue, we decided to create an app that gives people battling against substance abuse a place to fight against addiction.

What it does

Qwttr is an app with several features that provide support and shelter for those looking to escape substance abuse. Not only does it provide counselor-like support using an automated chatbot, it also connects victims to other prior or current victims in order to find support. Our app also motivates users to start focusing on hobbies that they are passionate about, so that they won't have the time or urge to pick up a cigarette again.

How we built it

Our product was designed using react-native and the framework. We also implemented firestore in order to store data for users and Google Firebase Authentication in order to create a smooth sign-in/sign-up feature. We also used the DialogFlow library in order to implement Natural Language Processing (NLP), which allowed us to create a realistic, and intelligent, chatbot for users to communicate with.

Challenges we ran into

There were many challenges that our team had to overcome in order to reach our end product; however, one of the biggest obstacles we had to get past was the implementation of the chatbot. Since our team was initially unable to implement DialogFlow due to bugs in the platform's current version, our team had to work together in order to sift through all the errors in order to reach the finished product.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

One of the most important things that we are proud of was our team's ability to work together in order to create a cohesive, complete product. We were able to successfully implement a social media application that connects users with similar interests. Additionally, we created features that enhanced communication between users and advisors via a messaging platform. Finally, one of the most important features that we are proud of is our chatbot, which provides emotional support for those suffering from addiction.

What we learned

Throughout the development of this project, we gained a lot of experience with react-native. We also gained a lot of experience utilizing the wide spectrum of features that Google Firebase offers us. We even learned how to use DialogFlow, which was something that no one in our group had ever experimented with before. However, the main thing that we learned as a team was that we can always rely on each other's individual strengths when things may get tough.

What's next for Qwttr

We hope to bring Qwttr to the public market in the near future, so that it can assist people in their fight against addiction.

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