Here's the story that inspired Qwickpage... My elder brother Okebulu!. A writer and poet, so creative with words he can bring a picture to live with his stories. His passion for poetry has even placed him in positions to meet with some of Nigeria's fineness writers, the likes of Wole Soyinka and Chimamanda Adiche. But Oke's (As we casually call him) major challenge was having a professional identity on the internet to connect with his audience. This was mostly possible with websites. Well, Oke isn't earning yet and can't cover the cost of developing and maintaining a website(not even a developer) and this has so far left him stranded as he feels he isn't getting enough from some social media platforms. This is a major challenge so many individuals and business in Africa face. So my team and I set to build a community of these individuals sharing their values through their professional identity at no cost at all.

What it does

We offered 3 types of pages Personal page- For individuals looking to promote their personal brand Career page - For professionals like writers and doctors, interested in mentoring and sharing their values, ideas and experiences through articles and portfolios. Business page- Online market for businesses looking to closely engage their audience with their product or services Qwickpage is easily accessible with our quick signup process or two click social login access(Facebook and Google). These page contents from users are then displayed over our social network to followers in other to fix the problem of sharing these contents to people. Users can share posts and events to Facebook using Sharing API, media files, add location, create articles, and grow on Qwickpage to access better functions indicated with the star on the right of a user's name.

We look to implement more and better features on subsequent versions such as Qwickpage for Academics and Creating Organizations like schools

How we built it

It was entirely a remote work since I live in the western part of Nigeria(Lagos), and my team mates lived in the eastern and southern part of the country (Owerri and Akwa Ibom, Nigeria). I developed most of the Front end designs using JQuery, HTML, CSS and Javascript as well as the product designs using Figma and Adobe XD, Aniekan and Stephen, my team mates worked mostly on the backend using the Laravel framework, and Christian was our project manager. We critically considered our user's security and privacy by employing the use of some software and platforms like Cloudflare, SSL and privacy policy to guide our users

Challenges we ran into

  1. At first, was keeping the team together and in sync during development
  2. Cost involved in developing the application(Hosting plan payment and digital ocean VPS cost)
  3. Understanding the needs of our users.
  4. Getting laravel to work as needed.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. We we're able to successfully met up before the deadline
  2. We successfully created a platform to build communities
  3. We built a formidable team
  4. Our application is competing at the Facebook's Developer community challenge and i am super excited.

What we learned

We have learnt a whole lot about team work and collaboration. And in the process of studying the space, we learnt about the needs of people with difficulty to own their own website.

What's next for Qwickpage

  1. Qwickpage for Academics - Offering students and teachers pages to improve in their studies and help them academically with easy to use tools for learning
  2. Qwickpage for Organizations - Providing organizations with pages to improve productivity among workers and management
  3. Qwickpage for Businesses - Giving businesses the ability to advertise, engage, sell and interact with their audience on the platform.
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