There is a significant lack of identity based academic and peer groups! Maybe young people of underrepresented genders and sexual identities struggle to find like minded individuals of a similar identity causing them to lack connections academically and socially.

What it does

Qwerty is the first social website focused on connecting students with similar classes and gender identities. To get started simply input your information and our system will automatically connect you with other students. If there are no other students with similar gender identities only your classes will be considered in the matching system. Have fun, and good luck with studying!

How we built it

We build our web application using React.js to act as our front end framework. We used GitHub Pages to host our frontend and used as a DNS provider to redirect users to through our domain to access our web application. Our backend involves Google's Firebase to act as a database for our user data. Our JavaScript script parsed the user data from our website to add the data to our database as JSON objects and also responsively uploaded data to the user interface based on interactions with relationships to the backend. We took advantage of Firebase's API to communicate between the frontend and backend. We utilized Git and GitHub as our version control system to allow our group to collaborate.

Challenges we ran into

Our group had difficulty using many unfamiliar technologies for the first time! We had originally thought to try to use a CockroachDB which is a SQL database but it turned out more difficult to implement than initial thought. We also tried to use other Google Cloud solutions for hosting but decided to use easier alternatives such as GitHub Pages for hosting instead.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Many of us were proud of building our first ever dynamic web application! It was an exciting and educational experience to learn and gain practice! The project was truly challenging and learning how to adapt and preserve was certainly worth while! From a group of students (many of who are attending a hackathon for the first time) this was a great first project that we truly put our best creativity and ingenuity into!

What we learned

Our group was completely unfamiliar with a majority of the technologies we had used! This project was a great opportunity to learn about full stack web development and become familiar with JavaScript, React, web frameworks, and technologies for the very first time!

What's next for Qwerty

Due to the time constraints of the hackathon, we simply were not able to implement all of the features we wanted. One thing that we would like a chance to finish if we had more time would be to finalize our backend scripts a little bit. We were able to explore potential scripts in both Python and Javascript throughout the scope of QWER+ Hacks, but were unable to figure out a backend hosting solution. Exploring how to finish the backend script and host it on cloud solutions like Google Cloud Provider or Amazon Webs Services would be a great way to scale our web application!

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