Every programmer when he started developing an application he usually faced a lot of errors and bugs, and when he try to search for a solution he ends up searching in a lot of websites and forums and rarely when he get the right answers. So we thought to make a Bot in Fecebook Messenger that is smart enough to understand the problem and search in all the web for the best solution that is recommended by other developers and by our genious Bot.

## What it does QutaBot is a smart bot that answers developers' questions and helps them to find the best solutions to their problems. Our Bot can understand and identify your question using an artificial intelligence and collective intelligence to bring you the best solutions found on the web.

How we built it

We relied our bot on services provided by facebook like messaging to make it accessible by over than 1 Billion users of facebook and we use the technologies of Node.js and the framework Express,we also use APIs like stack-exchange for searching in stackoverflow and customSearch of google and also API of github. ## Challenges we ran into Our challenge is to bring this idea to life and make it accessible by all the developers around the world and make a community that make from a solution right in your hand.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We make our Bot online and can communicate with people and send as their message,and we manipulate their request by an intelligent system.

What we learned

We learned the initiative and sought to help people and make their life easier

What's next for Quta

The next challenge for Quta Bot is to implement the technology of Machine Learning and make a community of developers that help each other.

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