We wanted to build a platform for people to feel comfortable asking anything and receiving answers from people within a 5 mile radius. We were inspired to build something simple, yet powerful and effective. We were tired of posting questions on Quora and Yahoo! Answers because we would not get a response until 3 days later. So, we set out to build an anonymous, location-based, questions/answers feed. Our elegant user experience and playful name gives our app a catchy addictiveness.

Use Cases:

  • embarrassing questions
  • relevant questions regarding real time local events/places/things/people/stuff to do
  • the guy who doesn't know if he should text the girl back/vice versa
  • anyone that has a question and wants multiple objective opinions

Key Features:

  • Forcing a question mark on every post
  • geo-location within a 5 mile radius
  • real time questions feed
  • individual question opens up to a list of answers
  • user can answer any question

Future Improvements:

  • trending feed(upvote/downvote functionality)
  • timer keeping track of when the question's asked
  • shake phone for random question
  • how far away the question was asked from you

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