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The Problem

As the global pandemic arose and is still taking place, mental health concerns have been risen. As a team we were looking around at what could provide mental health services to college students and the general public alike, and there wasn't much that provided an effective directory of mental health professionals and organizations. Another important factor is the tedious and confusing process of navigating insurance coverage, and we hoped that Quria could simplify this task.

What it does

Quria is an application that aims to help its users find mental health support in the form of therapists and specialists in the mental health field. It works on a geolocation system and can provide thorough reviews of professionals, easy tracking of appointments and direct contact. It also is able to scan insurance forms for a quick breakdown of the user's coverage, as well as store a pdf copy and direct contact for review when needed. All in all, Quria would help streamline the search process, connecting therapists near you that are within your insurance network.

How we built it

Everything was created on figma! We first brainstormed on google docs, some team members sketched out their low-fis, others built them directly on figma and then we collectively finished the prototype on figma.

Challenges we ran into

Coming up with a worthwhile project, we had a lot of great ideas as a team but did not have as much time to conduct research on our users. As a result, we stuck to a more plausible idea given our time frame, as well as an applicable audience.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our team synergy was great! We also are proud of what we were able to accomplish in so little time.

What we learned

More about how to use figma, for some team members it was their first time using the application! We also learned about mental health and the different ways you can receive support, as It is not limited to private offices and there ae many options available.

What's next for Quria

If we are feeling up to it, we could style the rest of the screens into a more polished version. Otherwise it was all in all a great experience!

Video demo link

Google Drive Demo Video

Built With

  • figma
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