Quran is the major source of Muslims, all Muslims around the globe from different regions recites Quran daily. In order to completely understand the message of Allah Subhan wa Taala it is necessary to understand Quran Arabic in order to to get better benefit from the message of Allah.

What it does

We initially have morphological tagging of Quran with 23 attributes of a word and so far we have mark more than 80000 words it's mean 1.8 Million attributes of Quran have been mark for Urdu language Users. Similarly we have translation of these attributes in English and Arabic language so we have so far marked 5.4 Million attributes of Quran text. We also have developed the the Android application for Arabic conjugation which has more than 50000 downloads. Students have ability to learn Arabic conjugations it also provide facility to give exam and also provide examples from the Quran for a particular Pattern.

How we built it

Android application have been built using Android studio Java programming. Morphological tagging of Quran has been done using C # applications while ASP.NET is used to publish on the web. A group of Scholars verified the content of Android application.

Challenges we ran into

Complex nature of Quran Arabic with reference of morphology is the biggest challenge of natural language processing and so far so many institutes are working to solve the issue.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

So far we have more than 50000 users of Android application around the globe people from different countries are using it for understanding of Quran.

What we learned

There is no need to utilize the latest computational technique and scientific methods to improve learning of Quran text. Is also need to have a combination of people from the Islamic domain and from computer sciences so both of together can develop good applications for users

What's next for Quran Arabic Teaching for Non Arab Speakers using NLP and DL

We want to convert our work of Quran teaching system for different language users so that people can understand Quran.

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