We are book lovers and we wanted a great way to share and save inspiring pieces of texts from books we are reading.

What it does

Quotle is a really usefull and easy to use app changing the way people read and share their favorite books and authors. When reading a book, Quotle allows you to use your phone’s camera to capture a paragraph you like. Thanks to its Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software, Quotle automatically recognizes the characters from the picture and generate a beautiful card with customizable design. Then, you can archive this card (on your phone’s library or on your personal notes) or share it on social networks, or by email or message.

How I built it

We built Quotle iOS app in Swift and we develped an API to communicate with the OCR software running on our server. We also use facebook and twitter APIs to allow users to share theirs quotes on these networks, and we integrate Evernote API to allow them archive their quotes to one of their evernote Notebook. As a backend, we use Parse.

Challenges I ran into

The main challenge was the OCR part. After having done a benchmark with many OCR softwares, we finally decided to use a software that we customized and improved to be able to offer an accurate recognition service at a good speed.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Well, releasing the app, and doing a great job at designing the app.

What I learned

How to use Parse and save a lot of time to develop the backend part.

What's next for Quotle

We will use GoodReads API to offer users a great way to link the quotes they post with authors and books. We also aim at building a great book and author recommendation service.

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