The Newsletter Content Industry has been growing quite rapidly over the past 2-3 years, mostly in part with super successful daily newsletters like Morning Brew [1 million subs, $3 million in revenue] and platforms such as substack that let any individual set up a newsletter subscription business [ 25k paying subscribers, ~125k in MRR ].

However, email in developing countries such as India, .... is growing at a much slower pace than other tech adoption in India (WhatsApp, Facebook, etc...).

And as India moves to a futuristic content platforms and monetization methods [the-ken has X,000 monthly subscribers], current email platforms will not be able to take advantage of a huge population that doesn't have email


  • Using WhatsApp as a Content Delivery Platform [Substack for WhatsApp]
  • Users find/subscribe to newsletters on WhatsApp.
  • Payments will eventually be handled on WhatsApp [currently just free]
  • Users will receive their newsletters as images as per the content creation by people on the platform


  • Higher Open Rates,
  • Image will load faster than a url
  • Can eventually move this to SMS/Other Phone Channels


  • Lower Ad visibility because no clickthroughs

Revenue Model

  • Creators choose their fees and frequency
  • We take 5-10% of the monthly subscription costs
  • "Promote" certain subscriptions as an additional revenue stream

What I built

  • A platform on WhatsApp that users request the current version of popular newsletters.
  • User requests a newsletter -> Image of Newsletter is generated ->
  • I've built the client side of the platform, not the creator side.

Try it out

Message "join far-clock" to +1 415 523 8886 on WhatsApp and then Message "Help" to get started.

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