Even though our team consists of female students from various countries, we all came together with a single problem: “self-esteem”. We realized that not only students are suffering from problems regarding confidence but also employees or college students are facing obstacles while having a presentation or a significant meeting. While confidence is the key to growth and empowerment. By participating in VioletHacks, we are aiming to solve this common problem efficiently with a familiar approach through “Quoteem”. Quote + Esteem = “Quoteem”

What it does

Quoteem aims to solve all problems related to self-esteem. The user could read out positive affirmations or quotes through our website's features. We provide a machine learning model trained on our body gesture, such as eye contact and shoulder, as well as a speech to text system to ensure full confidence and effect on these affirmations. The user could also see how many affirmations they have done and reflect on them!

How we built it on

In prior to every certain process, we started with researching how positive quotes and such affirmations positively impact one’s self-esteem.We used ‘’ to collaborate with the coding aspect of the website and the chrome extension. allowed our teammates to access the code easily and receive updates consistently. Then we built the base of the app using Javascript, HTML, and CSS. Next, we trained the machine learning camera on detecting confident gesture using google cloud machine learning. And we successfully exported it and apply it using tensorflow. We also used firebase as our authentication and database, to store user data, analytics, and other storage related features. Lastly, we used Speech to Text API to detect if the user is saying the proper affirmations confidently.

Challenges we ran into

One of the biggest challenges that our team faced was the time limit and the difference in time zones. Since we had only 24 hours to build up our idea and professionally implement it, we had to rush through all the processes as a result. Also, we had to overcome the time zone differences, which was about 15~17 hours among team members. However, we were able to constantly communicate and support each other through the discord server. Some team members stayed up until midnight to contribute and collaborate, which is highly meaningful. Even though 24 hours of time was a short amount of time, we believe that we focused well and pulled through our project successfully.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

As we mentioned before, we had to get through various challenges regarding the time limit and the time zone. However, we are proud of our teamwork and time management. Without our efficient teamwork, we would not have been able to accomplish such a meaningful project. In addition, we are proud of our project that our intended users can cover both teenagers and adults since every human being tends to suffer from certain problems regarding confidence. We are also really proud that we are able to implement a machine learning camera, a speech to text system, and also a database in a short amount of time.

What we learned

Since we all lacked prior experiences, we hesitated to jump into such an intricate at first when we started developing this idea. We learned a lot on javascript, especially on API's, and machine learning. All in all, this project allowed us to discover new methods and information that eventually helped us further our perspective of the technological approach.

What's next for Quoteem

Beyond the submission of VioletHacks, we aim to further the implications of Quoteem by adding more features that would positively enhance the users’ confidence and self-esteem. We hope that one-day Quoteem will be able to connect with users globally as our team was meant to be, through the website and the chrome extension available to users without borders.

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