The app designed for remembering the things you never want to forget. Gone are the primitive days of using physical notebooks or jars, Google Docs, or other web services to store your quote-able memories. Keep them in the cloud, and access, edit, and enjoy them quickly and easily using QuoteJar. One app, all of your quotes, with all of your friends, family, and colleagues.


  • Originally inspired by a CSH web app called Quotefault; this service allows members to submit quotes said by other members, and stores a database of all the stupid, meme-y things that have been said.
  • We realized that most friend groups have a similar compilation on a smaller scale, usually a notepad, google doc, or a literal jar of slips of paper with quotes from their friend group.
  • We decided to make this service into an accessible app, so everyone can store their memories and inside jokes in one place.

What it does

  • Log in by entering your email and retrieving a code for authentication.
  • When logged in, create, edit, and access jars you are a part of.
  • Submit, rate, and enjoy quotes submitted by you and other members of your jar.

How we built it

  • Logo and UI design made using Sketch
  • iOS and Android apps
    • XCode and Swift, Webstorm
    • Java, Android Studio

What we're proud of

  • For most of us, we had never worked on a project of this scale.
  • It was our first time developing for Android, so while little progress was made on that front, we learned a lot from the experience.
  • A lot of effort went into the design of the UI and logo, and we were extremely excited to implement the designs into the app.
  • Similarly, one of our iOS devs spent half of Brickhack making an awesome API for all the services the apps will offer. Design draft is located at the link below the Github link.

What's Next?

  • A lot of the apps were hardcoded for proof of concept for the demo. We intend to go back, remove that code, and implement it as planned with full use of the API
  • More features will be added to the API, such as functionality for removing quotes, leaving and deleting individual Jars, information changing
  • We hope to finish functionality with upvotes/downvotes of individual quotes, jar management, and other features that are included in the API but not yet implemented in the app.

API (Routes Complete, Not Yet Documented):

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