Going to shop for groceries has changed, gone are the times when you entered the building whenever your needed, no waits or cumbersome masks and gloves.

Supermarket Queue

Feeling uneasy that the person behind you is not keeping enough distance? Yes we've been there too.

If we could only wait on the relative safety and comfort of our vehicles... or just move away from the crowd get back some personal space.

Supermarket Queue

What it does

Quos Queues, allows a person to subscribe to a virtual queue and wait from the comfort of their vehicle or elsewhere. Once they are subscribed they are able to view their position in the Queue, receive notifications from the establishment and even view live video of the area.

How we built it

The experience consist of a mobile app and some backend services that communicate using both Redis Streams and Redis Queues (Lists) in a FIFO configuration (using RPUSH and LPOP)

Requests to add to queue are sent from mobile application to backend endpoint which sends request to Redis, also POSTMAN is used behind the scenes to add more 'people' to the queue and to remove them from the queue, this could be the business' own queue solution.

When the user is in position #5 or your group number is ready to board the airplane or any configurable value (e.g. entering in groups of 10 or 5) , s/he will receive a text notification to get ready and start heading to the entrance.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Implementing a live video feed as part of the application, for practical purposes we are showing a recorded clip, but the application can work with rtsp:// feeds.

What we learned

That Redis IS MORE than just cache, it has a range of other real time applications, that are easy to implement.

What's next for Quos Queues

Become a common way of entering buildings and queuing for different things.

Feeling crowded when your group is called , when an airplane is boarding? Not anymore!

It could be applied to any circumstance where people need to join queues.

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