It's like FitBit, but for random acts of kindness!

The Real Inspiration

There are numerous web and mobile applications that gamifies everyday activities such as doing chores, staying fit, and maintaining healthy habits, so we thought, "Why not create a mobile application that encourages people to be kind to others?" and thus, Quokka was born.


Quokka is a mobile application for Android and iOS (untested) that seeks to help users achieve self-improvement by gamifying acts of kindness. The application rewards users with points and badges for completing daily tasks such as "Give a stranger a genuine compliment," or "Start a conversation with a friend." Positive psychology suggests that even small reminders like these can help nurture healthy habits and a better style of living.

Currently Implemented Features

  • Google Authentication for Sign-in
  • Randomly Generated Daily Tasks of Kindness
  • Reactive User Interface
  • Database Integration for Daily Tasks

Technical Description

Quokka is built in Flutter and Dart and developed using IntelliJ. The primary focus of the application is mobile development because of its accessibility, with the potential for web integration in the future. Firebase is used for mobile authentication and database access.

Quokka's Future Vision

Quokka seeks to build a network of supportive, kind users who aim towards self-improvement - by applying the power of kind individuals, we can help create a kinder, nicer community around us.

Planned Features

  • Point and Reward System
  • User Interaction - Suggesting Ways to Be Nice™
  • Long Term Be Nice™ Goals
  • True, Random(ly Timed) Acts of Kindness

Naming Origin

Quokkas are really cute. Also really happy.

Built With

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