We all have watched those thrilling quiz shows where the contestants have to eagerly listen and press the buzzer first to answer.So we've decided to create a similar experience for you to play with your friends.

What it does

Quizzy Pi is a game of quiz that you can play with your friends.Currently it is capable of playing with 3 players and a host.The host will be moderating the game and alloting points for each right answer.You can play with/without the hardware.But playing with the buzzer is much more fun.So we've created a buzzer system similar to those in TV shows but with a twist.We have made buzzers out of Ultrasonic Sensors so you don't have to actually touch the buzzer in fact smash the around above it :D .

How we built it

  • We created a webpage which will fetch random general knowledge data from API and then display it.
  • You can not only see the question but also on click of a button you can check the answers too!
  • We added a feature to enable the users put up their own name.
  • We have used a raspberry pi and interfaced 3 HC SR04 sensors to act as buzzers.
  • We have made a webpage for the frontend and used key-binds for each players. So that this can be played without hardware by allotting each player with the key in the keyboard.

Challenges we ran into

  • Getting the suitable difficulty level questions was quite a bit of a challenge.
  • Initially we thought of using pygame to build the hack but ended up leaving that because we found that it would be nice if build a webpage and also achieve dual functionality.
  • Interfacing the HC - SR04 was a bit challenging because the output voltage from the sensors where to reduced using a voltage divider network.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We are super excited that we could implement the hack as planned
  • Met new people and worked together on this hack

What we learned

  • The design we made, the presentation and theme.
  • The learning and using of hardware as well as software.
  • Learnt about HC SR04 sensors and its interfacing
  • How a voltage divider works.
  • Detecting Keypress events using javascript

What's next for Quizzy Pi

  • May be use LEDs and push buttons to create a classic buzzer game
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