We know reddit is an online community for sharing content; we know imugr is an online community for sharing images...my aim with quizur is to build an online community arounf quizzes. People have discussion around the content they shared on reddit or the image/meme/cat pics they shared on imgur.....in my vision people have discussions around the quiz questions they answer or submit in my platform.....Just like people browse through their feeds on different social networks while on the bus or in the waiting line, in my vision they are doing quizzes and having discussions around this quizzes. The idea may not be unique but the emphasis is on a new medium of interacting with various communities over the internet.

For this hackathon, my main focus was on getting a working prototype ready...hence i decided to go with using a front end framework and my backend was firebase so i did not need to worry out....this meant going way out of my comfort zone as i am more of a backend guy and i hate javascript and i had never ever used a front end framework before. And in this hackathon I not only got the opportunity to do so but i was also lucky to have great mentors from facebook who really helped me understand how to use the framework :)

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