Inspiration - The Quizzlet Team was inspired to create this application primarily for students to practice and prepare for quizzes, tests and exams. As students ourselves, we understand that it is sometimes difficult to prepare for certain course examinations. That is why we created Quizzlet.

What it does - Quizzlet allows both students and teachers to collaborate and create quizzes that can be completed by anyone in the class that has access to the application. We believe this revolutionary platform will help students achieve higher grades with the desire to learn more. This application provides more than enough practice for students to become well prepared with the course content that they are required to learn.

How we built it - We used Java GUI Swing to program the application and compiled it using NetBeans. In addition we used SQL and Microsoft Access to manage and connect to our database where we stored all the information (questions, user information, etc.)

Challenges we ran into - As this was our first Hack-a-thon we ran into plenty of challenges. One of the biggest challenges was to divide the work amongst all of us, and then putting all the different bits and pieces into one. Along with sleep deprivation, the use of a graphical user interface (GUI) posed many problems itself. Managing multiple windows also required good regulation. Additionally, storing information and calling it from the database also required multiple links and connections.

Accomplishments that we're proud of - We were able to successfully complete our project, even though we could not accomplish all of the goals that we had set for ourselves.

What we learned - This was the first Hackathon for all of us, and we learnt a ton of different things. Firstly we learnt that we may encounter errors and bugs which can take much more longer than estimated. Because of this, we had to cut out some things and focus on completing the essential functions.

What's next for Quizzlet - Quizzlet can definitely be improved upon by adding functionalities for separate teacher and student registrations. This would allow teachers to manage classes on quizzlet and view the results of individual students and provide feedback.

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