We figured, why use other systems for creation and management of assessments, quizzes and tests when you have Confluence? So we came up with Quizzes for Confluence.

What it does

Quizzes for Confluence allows you to build quizzes right in Confluence and requires no integrations. You get to create assessments and share them with anyone by email, see reports with quiz results and reuse the same questions in different quizzes.

How I built it

Atlassian SDK, a REST API, javascript, a new template for the email notification.

Challenges and Accomplishments

  • Confluence pages restrictions. It was a challenge to make it possible to show the content of a Confluence page (including attachments) to users who have no permissions to view it. It was needed so that a person taking a quiz could view questions while completing a test, but wouldn't be able to view actual question pages in the space in Confluence.

  • Creating pages via blueprints with applied viewing restrictions and page labels.

What's next for Quizzes for Confluence

We have lots of ideas and will be looking forward to feedback and feature requests to decide on the further development.

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