We were inspired by the game show jeopardy and decided to make a multiplayer experience that captures the essence of the show.

What it does

QuizX is a cross platform multiplayer jeopardy like game. It supports as many players as you want, although it is optimized for a classroom roster. The game has both a host and client function so a teacher can host and students can play the game as seen on television.

How we built it

We learned a lot about web sockets for communication, node.js for the backround, HTML, CSS, and JS for the front end, and heroku and Git for collaboration. We used web sockets to send info between the client and the server. The server then assigns each connection to a player and uses that to send each contestant when and what to display.

Challenges we ran into

We underestimated the scope of the project, and in turn didn't have time to finish and polish he product. Herouku also randomly didn't work which made testing difficult. Fatigue also kicked in unexpectedly and in non synchronized times in each of us so in the early morning only 2 of us max were awake. Also lack of experience in JS made it difficult to start and learn.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were really proud of setting up heroku and getting our computers to actually communicate to each other, in the end allowing us to get anywhere near the build state we're in. We are also proud of how much we learned in such a small time.

What we learned

In the end we learned how to communicate between clients and the server through web sockets. We learned how to set up heroku and Git, and use them. We learned how to write in HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JS, and node.js.

What's next for QuizX

We want to implement individual rooms, improve stability, provide public rooms, refine the UI, the ability to automatically take questions from the JArchive.

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