The way we study has been changed rapidly in these days due to the development of technology but we have noticed that there is one thing in the classroom is still old fashion and not efficient: the way we take quizzes. Teachers have been started teaching with electronic whiteboard instead of chalk and black board. Students have been started reading with e-books and taking note with tablets instead of hardback textbooks and stacks of note paper. Exams have been hold by the testing center that an exam sheet can be graded immediately right after a student submitting it. Courses has been recorded and uploaded online that student can even learn at home. However, Quizzes has never been changed. Teachers still printout quizzes to students and the quizzes are still graded by grader. With today’s technology, we believe that we definitely have a smarter way to do this. Therefore we decided to develop an app called “QuizRoulette”. With this app, teachers can let students take quizzes with their own phone. In addition, students can create mock quizzes and practice with other classmates. In the future, we intended to put a attendance system on the app that the quizzes will only be able to be taken by the students attending in the classes.

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