We all know these messages that pop up everytime we open an IDE, the ones we automatically close without reading a word of them. Most of these messages want to inform us about the tool we're using, but developers usually have worked in these surroundings for quite some time. What coders need more is information about the project itself. But because reading documentation is boring we found a way to make the learning process more interactive.

What it does

Opening a window with quiz questions when opening the IDE. The questions are about recently committed code written by developers informing the team members about changes and animating the others to look at the code. Questions can be related to certain files and have various levels of detail. The closer developers work on a certain part of the code, the more specific are the questions they get about it. The idea behind this is that they need to have an overview of the whole project while implementation details are only important if they are working close at this code. Questions can also be more general, e.g. asking about the goals of the project. When answered correctly the user will receive a point. The scoreboard keeps track of the best developers.

How we built it

Java, A MySQL Database, Swing.

Challenges we ran into

Java Swing.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Works on every platform.
Automatic user identification due to git integration.
That the GUI background is kinda black.

What we learned

Sleep is important. Never use Java Swing.

What's next for quizard

  • Prioritizing questions depending on the area you are working on.
  • Earning achievements for answering questions right or writing questions.
  • Possibility to ask questions and discuss problems directly with the project manager or authors of questions.
  • Adding weekly or daily leaderboards for motivation.
  • Possibility to add images to questions if necessary.
  • Possibility to do code golf challenges.

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