Our inspiration is from always being stuck in traffic, driving 1 hour commutes to campus, wasting large chunks of our lives, sitting, doing nothing in a car. We wanted to create an app that can be used to study whenever you want, simply by talking on the phone using Twilio API to create a useful hands-free study session.

How We built it

We built it using Node.js and Express for the back-end and Vue.js and Bulma UI for the front-end. Using the Twilio API, we can make calls to users on-demand.

What it does

Quizlio is an application where a user can put in their flash cards and Quizlio will call them on their phone number to test them on the quizzes they selected.

What we learned

Teamwork and simplicity

What's next for Quizlio

Better multi-lingual support Multiple modes Conference calls

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