QuizME - Flash Card Messenger Bot

Idea: One of our team members will have his psychology test next Tuesday. Because the test is largely vocab-based, he needs an efficient tool that can help him study the word list and best prepare him for the exam. We came up with the idea of creating a messenger bot that is able to send user-defined questions to the user, and once the user enters a response, the bot will judge the response based on the predefined answers. Once he gets to the end of the vocab list, it will send a final score and let him take the quizzes again.


  • We used python to write the logic of the bot along with the question sets.
  • We used ngrok to host the bot on a local server
  • We created a database that store users' data so that multiple people can take the same quiz separately

Future Plans:

  • Our bot will let users send the bot a file that follows a template, and the bot will read the file and parse the questions and answers, which will be saved to the server for all users to access.
  • We will upgrade to Heroku which is a cloud-based server so that it will keep running even if the local devices are offline.
  • We will randomize the list of questions to allow the user to better learn the material

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