What is QuizFlare?

Many professors like to get feedback from their students regarding participation and engagement level, but there isn't always a convenient way to do this. Introducing QuizFlare — a live tool that enables professors to share their quiz questions to students in real-time via the Cisco Spark platform.

The dashboard also comes with a per-class 'metrics' page that shows analyzed responses received from students in a graphical format. This makes it easy to extract meaningful data and adjust lectures accordingly. For example, the professor can see if students are getting the answers, and which ones they're choosing, to figure out the misconceptions the students may have about the material covered so far and address those misconceptions.

How does it work?

QuizFlare has an in-built quiz creation wizard that allows professors to create new quizzes online, to then be stored in our database. During the lecture, when the professor chooses to "share" a question with the class, our server uses the Spark API to send the question to the relevant students. Students then receive and respond to their professor's questions in the Spark platform, and finally the data is relayed back to the professor's dashboard for analysis.

Final Notes

We designed our dashboard around our most typical users — professors and teachers — and asked those we know which features they would like to see most. QuizFlare is a collection of teacher-friendly features that we found were most in demand.

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