We wanted to make a game that would make learning more fun, my teammate suggested tower defense as the base of the game, and had the education part be based on flash cards as lots of students find that flash cards are the best way to study.

What it does

Quasar Quiz is a educational game that encourages high school students to use flash cards. Flash cards have been widely accepted as one of the best studying techniques, yet common complaints include inability to properly create them, being mundane, and time consuming. The game is similar to tower-defense where the player has to defend Keplar-22b from multiple waves of enemies. If you answer one of the questions incorrectly, the upcoming levels will become more difficult.

How I built it

We used the framework, an HTML5 game framework

Challenges I ran into

Learning the how to use Phaser

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Learned how games are made, learning game theory and a new framework

What I learned

Learned how to make a game with Phaser

What's next for Quasar Quiz

Have user input answers, allow users to make up their own questions, add more complex game mechanics, add revenue system

Built With

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