Our app is inspired by the current VR trend and also by our common interest in educational quiz games.

What it does

Our app turns local sightseeing points into QuizSpots! Here you can challenge your friends and also learn interesting facts about the city you're currently exploring. Our app combines the strengthes of popular VR Apps (like Pokemon Go) with the educational aspects of quiz apps (like QuizDuell). The player takes his smartphone and walks around in the town. When the player is near a QuizSpot he can answer questions to compete with other players. Among the questions there are some special ones, which can only be played at certain spots. To solve these special questions you'll need historical or social knowledge about the QuizSpot you're currently visiting. By playing our game you will learn interesting facts about your hometown or even do your own sightseeing tour while your abroad.

How we built it


The app is written in Swift.


The server is powered by node.js which provides a REST API. The data (questions, users, quiz spots) are managed by a MySQL database.

Challenges I ran into

  • Communication between app and server
  • Strange render artifacts in UI
  • Finding correct relations for db

Accomplishments that we are proud of

  • UI
  • REST works

What we learned

  • Handling POST calls with node.js
  • Calling a REST API from iOS
  • iOS MapView is not very customizable

What's next for QuizApp

Features we would like to implement:

  • Teams
  • Let players create new questions
  • Alternative Modes, like Picture-Based questions or small puzzles
  • Level System for QuizSpots and players
    • Higher levels lead to difficulter questions
  • Calculate Difficulty of questions by number of correct answers compared to total answers
    • Drop questions which are to easy
  • Global and local highscores
    • local highscores per QuizSpot
  • PvP Mode
    • QuizSpots can be conquered by players
  • Create new QuizSpots from existing map data
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