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Education has gone through a major shift as a result of covid-19. This has forced education online and created the opportunity change the way education is done.

I wanted to create a tool that makes life easier for student and teacher by creating a very simple way to highlight notes on websites and PDF just like you would on paper. However unlike with paper this allow enriching and analyzing the data to aid student in study.

The key feature is to then create interactive dynamic content from any highlight notes automatically on the fly, a.i/nlp powered notes have huge potential to make learning/studying and teacher more enjoyable and potentially far more efficient.

What it does

Highlight: demo1

Enrich any text data:


Automatically create dynamic content and quizzes:




Search notes (uses topics and categories to show related notes):


How we built it

This is built as a Chrome extension using Vuejs as part of the front end and Python as a AWS lambda backend

I used expert.ai for NLP/NLU, the Wikipedia API for getting data for a given entity or text and google translate for translations and the datamuse API to get examples of word usage.

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