Quiz Application for Schools

What it does

Quizale is a Quiz and educational platform which enable schools and universities to modernize their exams and scoring system. It provides schools the integrated platform to operate on Quiz, Question Banks, Attendance, Grading, Badges, Educational Gaming, etc. It also allows the schools to upload the teachers, students, subjects and classes within few seconds and get them started their journey. Quizale is also integrating proctored AI exams, educational games with music and sounds.

How I built it

Quizale is consists of Angular, .Net Core, SQL Server and various services on Microsoft Azure Platform. It has office 365/ Azure Active Directory integration for Authentication.

Challenges I ran into

  • To achieve a great experience for users
  • To prioritize different ideas that we are building
  • To provide seamless way to setup initial school data like Teachers, Students, Classes, Subjects

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud of being able to build a powerful educational platform for schools at any level

What I learned

Integration with various Azure services with our app. We learned in detail on how a modern education system should look like and how we can improvise current schooling system using Azure platform and AI. We also learned that there is a huge market opportunity, many school teachers use their own quizzes (not institutional quizzes), personal subscriptions to diverse tools (not campus-wide subscriptions), and old systems that should be upgraded to modern system.

What's next for Quizale

  • AI assisted education system
  • Move to other industry quizzes as well
  • Improve integration with other platforms like Microsoft Teams, other LMS systems.

Demo Login for the "Try It out" links

User Name: Password: Teams#21$

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