Many people do not appreciate the possibilities of our brain in particular, the possibilities of mnemonic, and to collect all the mnemonic in one place, I created an application for this, and as a database I chose MongoDB

Also, this project is about tests, because testing our own knowledge allows us to better understand what we know and what only it seems to us that we know

What it does

  • As for tests (quiz), developers can use free API to create test (quiz, quizpacks - group of quizzes)
  • As for mnemonic, users through my application can create, update, share mnemonics, and also look for mnemonics of other users on any topics.
  • Also, users can share reviews of mnemonic, and like (dislike) other users reviews.

How I built it

  • As a database I used MongoDB
  • The application is built using Expo and react-native

Challenges I ran into

in which format to store mnemonics and how to make them more flexible

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

improved skills

Has studied a few mnemonics for japanese kanji

What's next for Quiz / Mnemonic portal

  • improve quiz API
  • impove app
  • add some content to it
  • share, promote it
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