Our inspiration stemmed from the networking opportunities provided at the sponsorship and mentor booths. A large group of SheHacks IV attendees are first time hackers, who are new to the hackathon experience, and this poses a wonderful chance for young females(+) to explore these sponsors' backgrounds and fun facts about their culture and their values.

What it does

This trivia game provides an accurate setting with four different booths at the atrium. The player will explore and answer one trivia question at each booth. These questions are provided by the mentors and sponsors at the corresponding booths.

How we built it

We utilized the mini game engine built by Ubisoft. By attending their workshop and the help from mentors, we figured out how the engine works, then we developed a basic but fun 2D RPG game by using and modifying the engine.

Challenges we ran into

  1. graphic design on png images: we made all the png images using Pixel Art to accurately describe each booth. During this process, we encountered sizing, grid and other challenges but with teamwork we were able to solve them.
  2. collision: making entities collidable and then trigger events such as dialogues popping up.
  3. user answering questions: by keying in Y/N, each trivia question will respond differently. We used components and modifications to the engine to solve this challenge.
  4. Text rendering component: we had problems in creating a SFML component to render text. After a lot of time and effort, we are still not able to solve it but it was a great learning experience.
  5. Timer: had trouble rendering the presentation of a 60 second countdown timer. ## Accomplishments that we're proud of A fun playable game!! a lot of laughs and a great learning experience ## What we learned

What's next for Quiz Mee

The original plan of this game simulation, was for the user to interact with the booth representatives, who provide company-specific credits for future collection of project components (for example, the user must identify what component's they'd want to purchase to build a website). Each purchased item will accumulate points until a target is reached, in which they are able to now complete the virtual hack they choose!

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