Educational game that helps you to have fun and to spend the time to expand your knowledge of geography. Learn the flags of the different countries of the world in a fun process; pleasant, bright and colorful atmosphere. Playing this game you are enjoying yourself at the same time, to train and develop memory. Good combination, is not it? The game is suitable for both children and adults.All players can compare the results with each other and make a top 100 s top players.

The game is translated into 18 languages: English, Arabic, Danish, Spanish, Italian, Chinese (traditional), Korean, German, Dutch, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, French, Swedish, Japanese, Ukraine.

3 different game modes: Classic - write the name of the country's flag, 6 levels of difficulty. Arcade - guess the flag on the name of the country, with the levels of difficulty. Capital - capital to guess the name of the country.

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