Chewing through rote memorization in some subjects is monotonous and isn't engaging. In other words, we want kids to play a game and learn subjects at the same time.

Presenting Quiz Arena

Quiz Arena is a game that allows you to go through your study topics all while having fun. Once you select you the topic you would like to study, your academic challenge is manifested into an character that you battle against to pass your test. In order to attack, you have to answer questions in your topic of choice.

Where do the questions come from? Popular Quizlet flashcard sets, we use the Quizlet API to get a JSON file with terms and definitions and through a unconventional implementation let our Java program parse it to create a problem set that is included into our game.

How we built it

We programmed the application in JAVA using the libGDX set of libraries. The JSON parsing was done in native Java.

Challenges we ran into

The art design of the project was a roadblock, we wanted to have a open art style that will appeal to a young audience and also be useful enough to our older users.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

The team is proud of making our very first game together. Our artist was able to create some pretty neat sprite sheets that she can post on her portfolio. Our data miner was able to learn how to get very strange data-types and parse information without the help of GSON.

What everybody learned

_ Plan ahead. _

What's next for Quiz Arena

We would love to refine the user experience and add multiplayer support so friends can study together. And quite a bit of bug fixes.

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