A simple ruby on rails web application which provides both admin and end user functionalities for a quiz application. Admins can manage quizzes and end user can take quizzes.

Developer Documentation


  1. Docker
  2. Docker Compose
  3. An editor of your choice (VS Code, Sublime, Atom, etc)

Clone Repository

git clone https://github.com/avinashupadhya99/Quiz-App.git

Setting up Development Environment

Start the application server and MySQL using the command-

docker-compose up

This will build the docker image based on Dockerfile and bring up

  1. MySQL Server
  2. Rails Application Server (in Development Mode)

Once both the containers are running, point your browser to http://localhost:8800.

Creating an admin user

To add and manage quizzes, you need to first create an admin user. The following command will create an admin user-

docker-compose run app rake db:seed

Run this command only after running docker-compose up once before. This will create an admin user with the credenatials admin@quizapp.com and password password. You can edit these after logging in or before seeding in the db/seeds.rb.

Adding dummy quizzes to test(Check functionality of the application)

The following command will create dummy quizzes and categories-

docker-compose run app rake db:seed:seed_quiz

Refer to Database Schema for the database schema diagrams of the application.

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