Quixum (QXM) is a brand new, in-development cryptocurrency that is truly different from any other. It is designed for stability, compatibility, and performance, both technologically and economically.

Our Design

The User Interface is simple by design. One of the key aspects of the project is the ease of use, and we felt that our simplicity was the best way to go for this. Our color choices are meant to gently complement the design and bring more focus to the application.


Should you wish to join the dev team right now, please contact us at contact@quixum.org for further details, or just ask us in person. In the future, the requirements to join and the project license may change.


Although our front end may appear to be simple, behind it are almost thousands of lines of complex and intricate code. The security used for our hashing (AES-256) and our public and private keys (RSA 4096 bit) ensure that our currency will remain secure for many years to come. Additionally, our proprietary and efficient algorithm allows our coin to do what many others cannot.

What we have learned (so far)

We both learned how to use JavaFX and touched up our Java skills. More importantly, we also learned how to work together as a team, and how to stay up for over 24 hours without sleeping :D.


The project is under the MIT License.

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