Everybody has habits they'd like to break--and often times, it's as simple as being reminded that you're doing something you'll regret. Quitli brings the quantified self movement to the psychology of habit by recording those moments when you're not at your best and letting you visualize their frequency. Quitli pins onto the shirt and takes data on several events depending on the user's habits and what they want to track.

-Using classified accelerometrics, Quitli knows when users take the elevator instead of stairs. -With an on-board microphone, it also knows when users crack their knuckles. -Quitli even has a smoke detector and keeps track of how often you have a cigarette. -Quitli cares a lot about your posture and will notify you when you're slouching. -It also keeps track of a user's sedentary state and will notify them if they spend too much time in one place without much activity. Along the same lines, Quitli will tell a user how frequently they stay up too late. -By tying into the Plaid API, Quitli knows when you make poor purchases. It records every time you buy fast food, as well as every time you buy anything from a type of store you've blacklisted.

Quitli hopes to help make you a better person by letting you know how often you let yourself down. Quitli provides an iOS and a web dashboard for viewing your statistics on the above events, and provides additional features which further incentivize reforming your bad habits. For example, with your permission, Quitli can make a post to Facebook every time you choose the elevator over the stairs.

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