Smoking is the #1 Killer, yet Smoking is PREVENTABLE

Each pack of $6 Cigarettes is COSTING $15+ per pack in Subsequent Healthcare Costs

This Year Over 5 TRILLION Cigarettes will be Smoked Globally...Harming Smokers and Those Around Them

Most Smokers Try to Quit 3-5 Times, and Are not Aware of Several Free Proven Smoking Cessation Programs

Smokers INCREASE Their Odds of Quitting when Primary Care and Smoking Cessation Professionals are Involved

The are many PROVEN and FREE existing Smoking Cessation Programs and Resources

QuitKit and Watson Guide Patients and Consumers to the Cognitively Optimal Smoking Cessation Programs

QuitKit is powered by Watson and built within the IBM BlueMix platform

Accomplishments that we're proud of :

Programmed Watson to Identify a Smoker's Personality Traits, and Subsequently Watson Cognitively Matches the Patient/Consumer to the Optimal Smoking Cessation Program.

Our Next Step is to Test with Physician Offices and those Consumers Seeking Optional Smoking Cessation Programs

The Published Paper (Ya, it's only 5 got's killing 500,000+ a some good):

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