Quite Interesting: Difficult Issues, Opened Up

Opening the silos of big data, Quite Interesting links interactive visualizations with actionable programs for education and understanding. Data are unpacked in easy-to-understand maps and overlays, emphasizing trends and correlations. Stakeholders in particularly emblematic correlations are highlighted in fact sheets with all the basic information to run hands-on exploratory simulations.

Data includes: Risk to Sea Level Rise Global Investment Flow Type of Power Plant Fuel

Our first data set, Megawatts, MegaDollars, displays foreign investment in power plants and risk from sea level rise and climate impacts. Foreign Investors, Local and National Governments, environmental groups, and utility companies meet in our Vietnam sample, showing the complex interplay - and potential solutions - involved.

Simulated stakeholders are challenged to determine their roles in national plans of resilience, sustainability, development, and profitability over the course of 3 movesteps. Data from playtests are logged and archived in a public amalgamated findings sheet for the reference of advocacy groups and real-life stakeholders.

Impact will be evaluated by:

Government, NGO, community, and business players evaluating new courses of action reducing coal investment in governmental future planning documents Government, NGO, community, and business players citing WRI research (Dummy value, Yes or No) (intermediate results) Government, NGO, community, and business players adoption of new courses of action citing WRI research (Dummy value, Yes or No) (after years) New Courses of action must have the intent of reducing poverty and strengthening civil society with respect to previous levels, ceteris paribus (Dummy Value, Yes or No) New Courses of action should reduce reduce poverty by P% from (Need Preferred Metric) over T time (after years) New Courses of Action must strengthen civil society by C over T time, measured by CIVICUS civil society reviews (after years)

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