I'm personally allergic to secondhand smoke from cigarettes and hate it when I'm near secondhand smoke. A couple of my friends smoke on a daily basis and are addicted to cigarettes. They always mention they're broke, so I put two and two together and wanted to show my friends just how much money they're spending by smoking daily. The cats are because I think cats are cute and I think the flashiness of the website would make my webpage stick out in people's minds.

What it does

Calculates how much money it costs to maintain a smoking habit and links to products that the user could've bought instead with that money.

How I built it

I used html and javascript to build the bulk of it and then added css and jquery to make things more fancy.

Challenges I ran into

I thought I could do everything just in html, but I was really intimidated when I realized that I'll have to learn multiple new languages to code this. I was also stuck on a certain problem for a very long time and only after talking with a friend of mine did I realize it was a limitation of the tool that I was using.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It's my first hackathon that I participated in and this is the first "real" website that I've built from scratch. It took a lot of work and I know I was definitely stumbling over some very basic level stuff for hours, but I feel accomplished knowing that I made this. :D

What I learned

How to build a simple website. How to find solutions to coding problems on my own.

What's next for Quit Smoking Meow!

I think there are reasons other than financial ones that make people want to quit smoking. I want to highlight those other reasons to smokers as well, so they have an even higher rate of success with their quitting.

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