Do you make your trip plan beforehand? Some do meticulously while others just go without itinerary, wander the destination area and expect serendipity.

Quistroll gives such traveler a joy, taking quiz. This app makes quizzes for people who want to relish strolling areas, the course of quizzes related to landmarks or famous places in each area. Travelers can answer them by arriving at the place where it is questioned.

The things for which we aim through Quistroll are (1) to give all travelers new value with quizzes (2) to vitalize local area by attracting more travelers (and quiz players) in the future.

What it does

(1) Read QR code - We prepare QR code for each city (at this point, for three cities, Tokyo, New York, and Paris). Quistroll starts by reading this code.

(2) Display the starting point - Users go to the starting point following the pin on Quistroll. After the user submit current location, Quistroll judges whether the location is correct or not.

(3) Give Quizzes - If the user's current location is within 150 meters of the starting point, Quistroll starts quiz. Quiz consists a picture and a discription.

(4) Submit answer - After user arrives at the place where it is questioned and submits the current location, if the location is within 150 meters of the destination, Quistroll recognizes the answer and shows next quiz

(5) Display the detail information of the destination - If user has the correct answer for quiz, the pin of the destination is displayed. User can get the detail information about the destination.

(6) Give hints - If user gives the wrong answer (submit the current location outside 150 meters), Quistroll shows hints for user. After 1st submit, this app shows three images of the destination using google map's API. After 2nd submission, it gets and shows review comments using google map's API. After 3rd submission, it displays near places within specified area and user can know where he or she go forward.

(7) Issue coupon - Once user answer all quizzes, Quistroll issue coupon for user and we intend that user can use this coupon in the area when user go for shopping or stay hotels.

How we built it

We built this app with some Google map's APIs.

Challenges we ran into

It was really difficult for us to determine whether we should use Marker or Custom Marker. In addition, we struggled with getting and plotting current location of GPS.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Using Places API, we could get photos and reviews which posted by users and this achievements is what we are delighted to complete.

What we learned

Through this project, we could understand and know a lot of APIs. We found that we could deal with a lot of situations by combining couple of APIs.

What's next for Quistroll

As we described above, one of our purpose is to vitalize local area in the future so that we have Quistroll display the shops at which users can use coupon. (Meanwhile we need to gather local shops to make this ecosystem.)

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