Quiply is a recommendation engine targeted towards young teens, particularly those who currently do not read a lot. We attempt to curate a list of suggested books for the users based on their vimeo viewing habits. We gauge the users interests from the most common tags that appear in their liked videos. Those tags are used to get the top relevant results from amazon and the 3 top interests are displayed with a list of books matching that criteria, in a familiar netflix like view. On clicking a book, a quip or short summary of the book is provided along with an option to purchase the book.

Young teens who do not read a lot are very likely to be engaged to videos or games. We believe that gleaning interest from other websites can be used to convert non-readers to readers.

Potential future expansion of the application would include integration with further social footprint. Facebook accounts may be linked to get movies and music preferences and other social networks/youtube can be combined for more fine grained content. Moreover, if the user choose to share the data on facebook, this can be used to recommend gifts to be given to the particular user, suggested to their parents/relatives/friends. There are also plans to improve the recommendation engine to better weigh in the factors involved.

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