We wanted to build an Assistant that will NOT be entirely powered by AI, because no matter how much AI and NLP has progressed in the last few years, a human is still a bit superior. So we built a counseling system with the Human-AI fusion model. To talk to someone in complete anonymity and without the stigma of "being judged" is what drove us to build Quincy.

What it does

Quincy has an in-built chatbot that converses with the user in a really friendly, and non-conformist style. And as soon as the user pings Quincy, a notification is sent out to all the other Volunteers associated with the project, and one of them picks up the conversation from where Quincy has left off. We have a separate system, a page for volunteers to sign up and contribute to the cause. The tech might sound like Customer Support, but then, even Orkut was a Social networking site :P

How we built it

We built the AI and NLP with Dialogflow, the registration page with HTML and Bootstrap, and the signup form for the Volunteers with Google Docs. It was not anything over the top, we just brought some of our easily available technologies a bit closer to create a new experience.

Challenges we ran into

As newbies and Freshers, it was tough to juggle and balance Semester Exams and Development. Added to the misery was the age-old Server crash, Blue screen of Death, and staring into the hollow of bad grades. But again, to quote the most cliched of all lines - "What doesn't kill you, makes you Stronger..." Then again, there was the challenge to counter Cyberbullying, so we devised an introductory test for all those willing to sign up as volunteers, and we hope that would go a good way in countering the said issue. It isn't this submission that is the most rewarding, it is the build-up to it, the journey we all took that resulted in Quincy.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Putting the whole thing together a mere 2 hours before submissions close :)

What we learned

We learned the steps that go into finishing a project, especially when you are new to the entire thing. To build a whole product from Scratch was the biggest learning curve for us.

What's next for Quincy from Querencia

We plan to take Quincy into the hands of every person who has a Smartphone. with the release of Messenger Lite and Android Go, it'll be possible to bring an entity you can fearlessly talk to into the hands of every man who does not have Google Assistant, who cannot Echo to the lyrics of Alexa, or for whom, Siri simply means another Beautiful woman.

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