Traditional 15-puzzle and sliding-piece puzzles

What it does

Supports selection of and solving of various levels (grid sizes and tile layouts). Tiles are overlaid with colored images rather than identified by numbers.

How we built it

Built with Dart & Flutter. Early prototypes in LispWorks (Common Lisp) and LINQPad (C#)

Challenges we ran into

Adjusting layouts dynamically to available space. Puzzles initially were much too difficult - had to provide easier & tutorial puzzles. Getting PageView swiping to work on desktop.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Puzzles that extend the traditional 15-puzzle, having a graded range of difficulty. The hardest puzzles are extremely challenging!

What we learned

Simplifying to meet deadlines :)

What's next for Quilty Pleasure

Further enhancements, title page, credits, and publishing for smartphones. Maybe add Undo/Redo capability. Refined Layout and support for dark mode and color-blindness. Enhanced graphics and animations. Maybe save user state, and record statistics on solving success.

Built With

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