For the past two years I've been building, a free literacy tool that provides writing and grammar activities to students. The number one piece of feedback we've received from teachers is that students will understand a grammatical concept in a worksheet, but students will not apply those concepts in their own work.

We've built Quill Writer to give students a fun and engaging way of developing writing and grammar skills. Quill Writer is a two player activity, and two students write a story together from a shared list of words. It is like a reverse mad-libs, where you are given the words and write a story. In our initial play tests we've received a fantastic response from teachers and students. currently has 30,000 students on the platform, and we've been play testing the app with our most active users.

Our target user is middle school and high school students. We've created a series of prompts, and teachers can now create their own prompts. For example, one classroom is currently reading The Hobbit, and that classroom created a custom prompt that focused on vocabulary words from one chapter. Instead of studying vocabulary through dry and dull flashcards, students can vocabulary in a fun and natural context, through peer writing.

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