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Wishing to make more friends during these difficult times? Looking for an outlet to talk about your feelings and receive thoughtful responses? Why not find a Quill Pal!

What it does

Quill is a full-stack web application where 21st century pen pals, or Quill Pals, write and respond thoughtfully to letters.

Quill has three main functionalities:

  1. Write an anonymous letter about anything on your mind
  2. Respond to anonymous letters thoughtfully
  3. Make Quill Pals by continuing to respond to letters

Here's the catch: Users can only respond to / send 3 letters per day. Why does your Quill ink dry out after 3 letters? Because each letter must count. Quill is not a messaging app - it is a thoughtful letter app.

How I built it

We used Django for the backend and Bootstrap for the CSS Framework.

Challenges I ran into

Time was our biggest hurtle - we wished we had more time to add views to the app and implement authentication.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

2 of our group members had never built a Django web app before! This is the first time all group members made Django multiple views with POST and GET requests.

We also made an algorithm that randomizes the letters that users can respond to!

What I learned

Everything was easier with Django... we are excited to use the web framework for future projects!

What's next for Quill

The foundation of Quill has been set. Next step is authentication, finalizing views, and creating more POST requests.

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