We were staying up until 1am, 2am even 3am doing long, arduous reading assignments. We needed an alternative solution that would both help us learn more from our readings and help us take notes in the process.

What it does

Quill analyzes your text into a data visualization, takes notes for you and allows you to share and impact those notes with your peers. On our mobile app, you take a picture of your text, we take notes on it and summarize it. For our web version, we also provide data visualizations and multipart upload.

How we built it

We first turn the images into text using OCR. Next, we summarize that text using algorithms we built in house. Lastly, we use IBM API's to generate a multitude of other information, such as related articles, sentiment, etc. Once this is done we display it in an easy to read format and make it savable to your email.

Challenges we ran into

It's very challenging to accurately parse images.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

While at Quill our team won the IBM Sponser Prize at Angel Hack Silicon Valley for 12k in IBM Cloud Credit.

What's next for Quill

We're hoping to launch it to the app store and help students around the world.

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