As friends we have witnessed each other's growth since elementary school, and as people we have experienced the ups and downs of transitions both beautiful and jarring in life. We are two people motivated by a single mission to remind ourselves and others that nobody is alone in the struggle. Sometimes we just need a quiet, lonely little place to realize.

What it does

With an uncluttered, therapeutic interface, QuietSpace takes the stress of life and gamifies it by allowing users to leave behind their experiences in the form of notes at realworld locations they dub peaceful and/or helpful in calming down after emotional distress.
After all, what is healing if it can't connect us to others?

How we built it

Using firebase for storage and anonymous authentication, we created a storyboard flow linked to 100% organic grassfed Swift code

Challenges we ran into

Figuring out how to structure the database
Having to completely scrap and switch over from hybrid built-in Apple native APIs + Google APIs to pure Apple.
Spending hours on gesture recognizers and selectors (longpress yes!) in objective-C only to realize we wouldn't be leaving the map pins to the user but rather would be pinning them exactly where they are during their peaceful time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Wireframing like pros
The balloons showing up at the locations we simulated in and around the map region surrounding BU

What we learned

how to use protocols (nifty!) to persist data between completely discrete view controllers/scenes figma is a blessing
know what the present is, before you try to optionally unwrap it
"my biggest weakness is how much of a perfectionist I am"

What's next for QuietSpace

A more streamlined UI, modal popups hovering over each map pin to be able to see a rating or the noise level and an ARCHIVE to be able to give users a better idea of the context in which they are leaving a note

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