We chose to work with Kolabo on creating an SMS based query search of their online marketplace for their customers who only have access to a mobile phone (non-smartphone). What we realized is that there are many people all over the world who still only have access to SMS; that currently the internet has opened up channels for low-income small business owners across the global yet individuals who live in similar situations (or even those who are middle income) who do not own a business are left completely out of the online market due to lack to a desktop or laptop personal computer.

Thus we created a sms based program that can query any site with a search bar. Our target user is an individual who lacks access to a personal computer(laptop or desktop) but who currently invests time throughout their day travel for or trying to locate consumer goods. Thus, we believe we are creating a productive tool for individuals without a home computer by allowing them access to inquire about goods at a store which has a online interface before spending the time to travel to the store. Additionally, we believe the tool will also help provide direction to a user or the ability to narrow down and pinpoint where they should go for their goods without the time previously expended traveling to multiple sites. In the end, we hope this productivity tool, while providing more customers for local and national merchants with online stores, also provides our target user with more time to invest in personal development (family, education etc) as apposed to time invested in logistics and extensive treks for goods /services. Github link: Opportunity-Hack-San-Jose-2014/Team4

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