Upon arriving at HackUTA, we noticed that registration/check-in process at all the public events takes longer than needed. We wanted to solve that problem and make registration/check-in process Quicqer and efficient.

What it does

QuiqCheck is able to read the data presented to it via a barcode which contains an unique identifier. It then fetches the relevant data from Google Sheets to confirm the identity of a participant. Upon conformation, it checks the participant in by updating records on Google Sheet. If a participant had not registered for the event. They can also enter their information on the registration form section of the site, and they will be added to the Google Sheet.

How we built it

The project is broken up into three big parts. The first was the google sheets API, and learning how to read and write values to a sheet using Javascript. The next part was to use QuaggaJS to read barcodes and store the unique number ID stored within them. Lastly, there was building the UI in Bootstrap and piecing all the pieces together.

Challenges we ran into

Figuring out how to fetch scanned barcode ID data in an integer form and populating it into specified Google Sheet. It was also difficult to setup the correct permissions in order to allow the website access to the Google Sheets API.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud to have a working prototype in timely manner which works across all platforms. Being able to use diverse programming languages and integrating them on many platforms to make registration process less gruesome. Being able to target diverse cultural groups to help expedite registration and check-ins. We are also proud to make a product which is easy and accessible to use for users without needing much of technical experience.

What we learned

The project had a wide scope. We learned how to use Google sheets as if it were a backend database, how to set up and use Google's API, web development with Javascript, CSS, HTML, Bootstrap, and a little bit of computer vision with QuaggaJS.

What's next for QuiqCheck

We will try to work with non-profit organizations to ensure our product is scalable. We would like to integrate QR scanners which will help with storing data.

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