I was inspired with Jay Jamison video and his passion to make things easier for business. I was so excited with Quick Base idea, that showed it to my friends who manages their businesses, and they said - it's fantastic, but we still have to hire developers to test hypothesis.

This time Quicky idea came to my mind. Make a service where business people could just talk their requirements and build amazing applications powered by Quick Base. I postpone all by projects and focused on this idea, I worked full-time for 4 weeks to deliver Quicky on time!

What it does

It helps to develop mobile first apps based on Quick Base easier than ever. No programming skill required, Quicky is a AI powered assistant which speak with business the same language and do all technical work for you. You can create create new mobile app in minutes and publish it in AppStore, GooglePlay store or use PWA for web.

It dramatically speeds up corporate innovations, any team member could build new app in minutes and test business hypothesis with customers quickly. Quick Base provides solid foundation for scaling solution and could be used as powerful backed for new mobile solution.

How I built it

This is difficult technical solution which is based on modern technologies: Quick Base, Mongo, Typescript, React-native,, Google Cloud, etc.

Challenges I ran into

Creating nocode platform from scratch is not easy job. I have to sync mobile app template with chat window, develop AI powered business assistant and learn many things from business side.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It's a pretty complex solution (contains 5 repos), which works well and provide human touch interface. I'm proud that it works well and provide very simple interface for end users. To do that it uses a lot of modern cloud technologies, NLP technologies and websocket to better user experience.

What I learned

I opened Quick Base as powerful backend for many business apps. It provides a toolbox of modern business tool with pipelines interfaces. Combined with Quicky, it creates amazing opportunity for digital transformation & innovations for any business.

What's next for Quicky. AI powered Quick Base® App Builder

I showed Quicky to my friends and they were inspired with simplicity of app developing combining with power of Quick Base applications. I'm definitely going to continue to develop it.

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