Quickvid is a cloud based, instant video sharing application. Instead of recording, saving, and sending the video itself, Quickvid allows users to record a video in the comfort of their browser and share its link through a text message or email instantly! The receiver can easily view the video online.

The technology behind Quickvid includes the Ziggeo API for recording and playing videos, and the Sendgrid and Twilio API for sending these videos through text or email. The core of our stack is built on top of a Node.js server, we used ExpressJS, CSS, and Javascript. We also used Wit.AI to allow the users to dictate phone numbers in order to accelerate the process of sharing videos.

Our key target users are people who prefer a more engaging way of communication than long and dry emails. For example, when a teacher reviews a student's work, and wants to provide feedbacks, he or she can send a video instead of a email that lists out the shortcomings of the student's work. A video is not only more engaging, but adds a personal touch to communication.

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